Hello – Sometimes my two chihuahuas will fight with one another and I am unsure…

Hello – Sometimes my two chihuahuas will fight with one another and I am unsure how to handle. For example, I was walking into my house carrying groceries and I heard, before I even walked in the door, the growling and barking. I walked in and my smaller chihuahua had the larger one pinned down. Their was no blood or fur flying, it sounded way worse than what it was. I immediately broke them up, but I was wondering what the best approach in this type of situation would be. I didn’t scold them, but should I have? Do they hate each other? Do they secretly fight when I am not home? So many questions, but my main concern is just making sure I am handling their fighting correctly. Thank you for your help!

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Rosalie, Thanks for your question. It sounds like your two chihuahua’s are arguing about who is in control, and they are not settled with the decision as it stands. Dogs are pack animals and try to establish dominance with the other members in the pack. Sometimes this is a smooth process and sometimes it is not. It sounds like it is going to be something they need to work out. Certainly we don’t want the arguing for status to escalate to fighting and injurying each other. And certainly we don’t want you to get hurt or injured inthe process… Read more »