Hello. I have a 9 year old soft coated wheaten terrier that is very stubborn…

Hello. I have a 9 year old soft coated wheaten terrier that is very stubborn and picky. My first dog so i didn’t really know much on how to care for a dog . I got him when he was 5. I always fed him human food because he never wanted to eat dog food. He would always have ear infections and allergies. So this year i said to myself enough is enough. Is been about 3 months now that i been trying really hard for him to eat dog food. Have try a lot of brands. Right now im stuck with Wellness for seniors . For him to eat his dog food i gave it to him with cottage cheese almost for 2 weeks then cream cheese. He got bored. Someone told me to try it with the laughing cow cheese. He did like it but only for s couple of days. My desperation was so big that i even give it to him with milk like cerea. He only drink the milk. Lol. I have even try dry milk which it was a little more successful. With all of the things I have said I’ve tried he only eats one time and not much. Maybe a scoop and a half of the scoops we use to grab soup. He has lost weight. Vet sa6s his not under weight but i see on him he has lost a lot. Even though he was over weight. I dont know what to do in order for him to eat like a regular dog. His getting old. So i feel he needs his dog food nutrients something that human food is not going to give him. Please help me how i can make my dog eat his dog food and how much do i feedhim. ( remember his really picky even with human food. He does not like veggies or rice or frufruits)

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Jana Rade
6 years ago

Hi Sandra, I take it your vet established there is no medical reason for him to be a picky eater? There are no other issues such as bad stools etc? I’m asking that because we thought Jasmine was a picky eater for a long time … until we finally found out she had and IBD. It is also possible that his system might not like high carb diet and kibble is inherently quite high in carbohydrates. Here is the good news, though. Firstly, there are options other than kibble, which are still dog food, be it canned foods, freeze dried… Read more »