Hello! So on Saturday night I came home and saw vomit all over the floor…

Hello! So on Saturday night I came home and saw vomit all over the floor and my cat was laying down and I noticed he couldn’t move his back legs so I took him to the hospital and he had a urinary tract infection so they did the whole procedure and put the catheter on him. He was able to come back home on Monday. He has been eating and drinking his food. He uses his litter box as soon as he’s done eating but I noticed that he does meow a bit when he’s in there and he’ll lick his genital area and meow as well, he doesn’t hiss though like he would before they diagnosed him. Is this part of the recovery process or is he getting blocked again? I’m worried and wondering if I should take him back to the hospital.

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carrie Urquhart
3 years ago

Did he get medication for pain and inflammation? If he was blocked, pay careful attention to his urine output. Male cats can’t pass bladder debris, stones, or crystals very well and could easily become reblocked if the problem wasn’t solved. If recommend taking him back to the vet. Need an ultrasound or xrays done to look at the bladder and go from there.

3 years ago

Good morning ? I would call my vet. I’m sure that you have some sort of follow up appointment, they may want to see him sooner. The fact that he is using the litter box regularly is good, but I would err on the side of caution. Best of luck!