Hello!! I have a question regarding my dogs behavior with other dogs at dog parks…

Hello!! I have a question regarding my dogs behavior with other dogs at dog parks but first, a little back story.. My dog is a 12 year old English chocolate lab, and very calm and relaxed. She loves to sleep and minds her own business around other dogs, as she isn’t a very excitable dog as much as she used to be when she was younger but she is also gotten extremely stubborn the older she’s gotten. If she wants something or wants to go somewhere, she will with out a doubt try her hardest to get what she wants (without injuring herself or others). So all that being said, on to the real problem..Over the past year I’ve started to notice this habit that always ends up in a fight at the dog park. She always plays well with other dogs and never has bitten or attacked another dog but I’ve noticed that (with no particular breed or method of choosing) when she is near another dog(usually at random), she tries to sniff their mouth and snout and always gets in their face until the other dogs have finally had enough and try to bite her in warning. She’s starting to do it more and more often and I don’t want her (or any other dogs) to be uncomfortable or get hurt because she’s being nosy. I’ve tried sticking close to her and making sure that when I notice that she starts this behavior I try to stop it as soon as possible but I don’t always catch it in time. Is this normal or is there some sort of corrective action that I can do so she stops doing that? Thank you for your help.. -Sincerely, A Concerned Dog Owner

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1 year ago

I’ll be honest, I don’t like dog parks because of the unrestrained behavior of poorly trained, rude dogs. Throw in a geriatric dog and it’s a recipe for disaster. I would stop taking her, and if you feel she needs to interact with other dogs, find a local friend with a dog that plays nicely with her, and set up playdates.