He has this bump on the side of his mouth first it started out…

He has this bump on the side of his mouth first it started out real small and as days went by it started getting bigger. So we took him to our vet at Banfield. They said it could have been from allergies so they gave him antibiotics for 10 days. After those 10 days went by the bump seem to get bigger pussing and bleeding on and off.We took him back to the vet for his check up after all the antibiotics were gone. They said it should be gone within a month by its self and just said to wash it with soap and water. That appt was on December 29th and his bump still hasn’t got any smaller but as it seems bigger as in thickness. Does anyone know what this may be or what we should do? I feel so bad for him that even if we touch near it. Please anything would help!

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Daniela Iancu
5 years ago

Can you get a second opinion from another veterinary clinic? It seems like they might want to run some diagnostics, like take a biopsy. Could he be irritating it and need to wear a cone?