Hello, my cat had pelvis fracture and it can not move it’s tail and back…

Hello, my cat had pelvis fracture and it can not move it’s tail and back legs a week now, what can I do ?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Strict cage rest, pain medications if warranted, soft wet food to avoid straining to defecate, monitoring closely to make sure they can urinate and defecate (learning how to empty the bladder of needed) and lots of time and patience often work miracles. You need a veterinarian to help you with the first few days and weeks. Or a really well trained veterinary technician. Ask for help and give your kitty a chance. They often surprise you. Also spay and neuter ASAP.

3 years ago

Dr. Magnifico has a YouTube video regarding something similar. I hope it pastes properly….
Hope this is helpful

3 years ago

Hello. I’m so sorry that you are struggling with this. I would talk to the vet about their opinion on recovery. See what signs you should be looking for to show improvement. Keep with the pain meds if they say to. And show them some of your YouTube research, i.e. the video link previously posted. Dr. Magnifico, I believe, has other blogs and posts about this same thing that you might be interested in seeing and sharing. I hope this helps, and I hope your cat recovers. Best of luck.