Hello. My name is Michelle and I have a 4 year old 140lb great dane…

Hello. My name is Michelle and I have a 4 year old 140lb great dane who recently started to have hip issues. I have seen my vet over the past year for this and was trying to treat it with supplements and a grain free diet with pain pills occasionally. The problem has increasingly gotten worse to the point where he can barely walk. He shows significant atrophy in both legs and is only comfortable while standing or sitting (does not like to lay down so is not sleeping well). My vet wants to put him asleep to do xrays and is saying it will cost between $550 and $650 just for the xrays and for someone to read them. Through research it is pretty clear to me that he will need some form of surgery to repair the problem. I’m lost on what to do because knowing that he will most likely need surgery, I’d rather save the money for the xrays and just go right in and fix it all. However, I do know xrays are needed to assess the severity of his condition. Is it possible to just go directly to a specialist to save the time and money or do you need a referral from a vet? Will they know without xrays if he will need surgery and what kind? Please help me on what steps to take, it is just breaking my heart to watch my boy go through so much pain.

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Krista Magnifico
8 years ago

Hello!! Welcome to Pawbly and thanks for your question. I am sorry to hear of your Danes problems. There are a few good aspects of your dogs case to discuss. First, I assume your dog is not overweight? And that you are on a very good high quality diet. I’m not sure why grain free? Or what that has to do with his condition? And two that he is on a joint supplement, I like Dasaquin, from Nutramaxx, available over the counter. Also I would recommend asking your vet about an NSAID for pain. The cost of the X-ray should… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
8 years ago

Hello Again,

Never hesitate to get a second opinion.

I always want my clients to feel comfortable with all of the information and decisions they make.

We would love to meet you and Rommel. And we would be happy to go over any and all concerns that you have.

It sounds like he definately needs some help.

The estimate is not something I can review with you here. But any vet visit you make should clarify their choices and your options clearly and help you to make the right decision for you and your pet.