These past 4 days he has no energy sits all day wont move, hardly…

These past 4 days he has no energy sits all day wont move, hardly eats, drinks alot of water, but when he does move he walks in circles for quite along time.
Could tick collar poisoning cause a dog to be very ill, tired, not eat but drink alot, go to the toilet alot, have drowsy eyes?

I need help ASP as we have took our dog to the vet but they dont know what it could be they say maybe it could be Leukemia, but i have looked up on the internet and the symptoms have only started recently and for it to be Leukemia i dont think it would take 1 week for him to be on the verge of death from it, so we took the collar off a bit ago and he seems to be getting worse, but is that normal ? or is it recoverable ?

We have also gave him breathing tablets for heavy breathing
We have gave him antibiotics
We have also tried alot of foods that he will eat now and again and he just drinks water all the time.
We made him a soft bed away from our other dog and he wont lie on it he prefers to lie on the hard ground.
Also we try to help him outside when he wants to go outside and he wobbles alot when he is walking like he is drunk.

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