I’m pretty sure she is not spayed. When I got her, her nipples were large…

I’m pretty sure she is not spayed. When I got her, her nipples were large and kinda pink. And I started to feed her and her stomach is getting big. The stomach is hard and when I put my ear to her stomach I hear bubbling noises. She is staring to eat and drink a lot, becoming more affectionate (like purring), and her stomach is burro shaped, and her nipples are getting pinker and larger.

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5 years ago

i’d take her to the vet – you CAN get an emergency spay done so there aren’t kittens to worry about, but at the very least an exam would help you figure out whether she actually is pregnant, and you can discuss all of your concerns with your vet.

pritha ghosh
5 years ago

According to your description I also think that the cat is going to give birth. For that, make sure you build a warm cosy place for her as she needs a good place to give birth. I cant assist you when she will give birth as I haven’t seen her picture. You said that her nipples are growing bigger. It is a very good sign of giving birth really soon. Cats eat a lot when they are pregnant. But the time of delivery, around a week before they stops eating. Not stops. They eat significantly less as they become to… Read more »