Hello! My male pet budgie is around one and half. For the past week or…

Hello! My male pet budgie is around one and half. For the past week or so, he has been opening his wings and for no reason I can think of. Do you know why, or how we can solve this issue? (A picture of him.) Thank you!

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello! He’s a Super cute Budgie!! Birds do this quite a lot. Often when they are excited they will hold out the wings like this. Does he do this when you are talking to him or approaching the cage, or all the time. He shouldn’t be doing it 24/7, but it is a common thing to see. Often males will do this prior to trying to impress a mate too. If he’s a single bird, he may do this around his people. If he’s with other birds, you may see this happen often, esp around females.  Another reason for birds… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Yup, that sounds like typical budgie behavior when they are sexually mature and excited. Just because she isn’t near him doesn’t mean he can’t hear her or smell her. I’ve raised dozens of budgies and I would venture to say he’s just being a typical normal male. But, when in doubt ask your vet. All the best, ~kelly