Hello, I’m from India. I have a 3 months female kitten who’s suffering from Corneal…


I’m from India. I have a 3 months female kitten who’s suffering from Corneal Opacity in the right eye and in the left eye, there is a slight change in pattern inside the cornea and it also appears mildly milky when compared with eyes of other kittens.

I consulted a vet but his medication had no effect on this so I met a senior vet yesterday who said, there is hardly any chance of recovery of the right eye (I couldn’t believe this) and it’s devastating to hear. He said the left eye looks okay to him but I guess he didn’t see it clearly as we met outside while he was traveling.

He recommended below medication (to be applied thrice a day):

1. Hypersol-6 (Sodium Chloride Opthalmic Ointment)
2. Flur (Flurbiprofen Sodium Opthalmic Solution)
3. Moxicip (Moxifloxacin Eye Drops IP 0.5% w/v)

I’d like to understand:

A) If the above medication is alright? As I see online that:

– Flur is used before certain types of eye surgery (such as cataract removal). It prevents the pupil of the eye from narrowing. This effect makes it easier for the doctor to examine the inside of the eye, to remove the cataract, and to replace it with a new lens.

– Moxicip is used for topical treatment of purulent bacterial conjunctivitis, caused by moxifloxacin susceptible strains

– While Hypersol is used to reduce swelling of the cornea in certain eye conditions.

B) What is the effective treatment for the eyes get back to normal?

C) Does my kitten need to undergo an eye surgery?

D) Is the medicines mentioned above okay to apply thrice a day as doctor suggested?

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to receive a prompt and positive reply.

Kind regards,

Khanjan Mer

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico (@kristamagnifico)
4 years ago

Did anyone check the ocular pressure of the eyes? Does anyone have an idea of how long this has been ongoing? Are they progressing? Are the eyes painful? If they are not painful I think that waiting to see how they progress is acceptable. Blindness is a condition cats can adapt to very well if they are kept inside and you provide them a safe constant (don’t move the furniture around) environment. A painful nonfunctional eye should be removed.

Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico (@kristamagnifico)
4 years ago

If possible check intraocular pressure. Also look into endothelial degeneration and other diseases that might manifest as causing loss of vision. It appears to be focused on the cornea. So ask the vet to look for possible causes to this. I am not sure what is prevalent in your area so I cannot comment much on this. Also make sure the diet is appropriate if possible. Very best of luck.