I am writing to you about my white cat( not albino) that died early this…

I am writing to you about my white cat( not albino) that died early this week. He was almost 2 years old, in very good shape and healthy or at least no signs of any kind of illness whatsoever. I found him dead in our balcony, still warm, blue skin, blue gums and tongue sticking out of his mouth and saliva on the floor.Hi was lying on his side, urine all arouns him with urine still pouring from his genitals. Any ideea what could happen? We played together 15 minutes before his death, i peted him and tickled him a bit! He was the kind of cat that is easily scared! I wonder if he got scared of something and had a stroke… I am trully devastated and i am crying ever since. Can you think of an explanation? Thank you very much!

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

I’m also sorry for your loss :(.
The blue colour of his gums and tongue indicate that he didn’t get enough oxigen during whatever happened. Maybe he had a seizure or heartproblems.
Was the urine spread/blurred or just a simple puddle. It can happen after death that the bladder emties itself due to muscle relaxation. I would guess if it happened during a seizure or something similar he would have moved inside the puddle and thus blur it.
But as Krista says there is no definitive way of telling what caused the death without a necropsy.

Lauren-Emma de Lancey
5 years ago

I’m sorry for you loss , I deeply am .