Hello. My husband and I have had our cat Arno for over 4 years now…


My husband and I have had our cat Arno for over 4 years now, we have moved several times with him to different apartments but now we have a house. We have been here since late December, so over 9 months now. 2 months ago, Arno started peeing here and there throughout our house. He made it a habit on our couch and we cleaned it over and over until we couldn’t do it anymore so we got a new couch. No issues on the new couch which was good! But then, he started peeing on one of our blankets. Now, that’s a habit, and we clean it like we did our couch. We’ve done the recommendation of changing his litter, and litter box. We clean out his litter box everyday. I also read not to put his food around the litter box which is also not a problem, and never has been. So it’s been an ongoing issue that came entirely out of nowhere. Like I said, we have had him over four years now and this issue just spurred out of nowhere. We had him even as a kitten and he’s never done anything like this.

So, we took him to the vet, and the vet let us know that Arno has a small bladder but everything else about him is in regular shape. He’s healthy, and everything other than the small bladder is normal with him. Just gave us some medication to help him feel better with the urination I think, my husband took him in so I’m not entirely sure what the medication did. But after we gave him the medication, he started peeing in his litter box like normal for a couple weeks which was great and we felt better. And then even on his meds out of the blue, just started peeing on the blanket again. At this point we are at a loss and I feel so lost as an owner as to what I’m supposed to do for him.

We just got a new bed for ourselves, new comforter and everything. Just last night we had finished setting everything up at 2am. He pees right on our new pillows and pillowcases, on our new comforter TWICE overnight.

I just need the advice at this point, because I would like to take care of him as much as I can and to make sure he is doing healthy. We want to take him to another vet for a different point of view also, but if it continues it’s very hard to handle what he can’t control. Arno is the love of my life and it would be so hard for me to see him go because of this. But since it’s only been a few months of this issue I wanted to see if anybody knew of anything I could do. We have tried so much but I don’t want to give up.

Thank you.

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2 years ago

I’m sorry that you are having such a tough time with Arno. I would definitely get him in to the vet again, and perhaps even a second opinion as you suggested is in order. I would also be sure to keep him out of areas that you don’t want soiled (I.e. the bedroom right now) until this behavior is under control. So long as he hasn’t access to his litter box and his food (glad they aren’t in the same area) you can close the door to your bedroom so that he cannot damage anything in there. I would also… Read more »

2 years ago

Add more litterboxes. He should have a minimum of two, one on each floor, and because he’s urinating in inappropriate places I’d consider having more than that. Might want to spread them out more, as well.