Hello, I’m happy to find this helpful website, how fun! I’m looking for information…

Hello, I’m happy to find this helpful website, how fun! I’m looking for information on the issue of a dislocated hip in a Pomeranian. My girl Chloe is 9 and is going through a recent back hip dislocation, procedure to put the hip back in the socket, only to have it pop back out 2 days later.

We’ve been told of the FHO procedure to remove the top portion of her hip bone, but decided it may be too much trauma and rehab for her. We were then told about the option of leaving the hip unattached, and see if her body will adapt.

The second dislocation happened yesterday. Our local Vet fears her gaining too much weight to bear on 3 legs, or the arthritis in her other hip causing an injury to the good leg. She said keep Chloe immobile and in her cage for a few weeks to see how she progresses, and back off on treats. I feed her a dry mix Nutro mini bites for small breeds, and a Rachel Ray for small breeds. And she loves her vegetables. Any alternate food choices?

All suggestions and experiences with this subject are greatly appreciated, thank you for your time and insight! ?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your pups troubles. I think a few things might be very helpful. 1. Get a consult with a boarded surgeon. 2. Ask your vet for help with the diet and inquire about a prescription weight loss plan. 3. Reconsider the FHO. I have seen many dogs do very well with this procedure. In the hands of an experienced surgeon the recovery is not usually difficult and these patients do very very well after. 3. Only opt for cage rest of you cannot afford surgery or the surgeon doesn’t feel she is healthy enough… Read more »