Hello, my year old female cat Jingles has had a snoring sound for…

Hello, my year old female cat Jingles has had a snoring sound for a while now my vet told me that she most likely has a polyp as he just informed me 4 days ago he gave me an antibiotic (which they gave me before) and told me that she could have surgery to remove it at a vet 30 min away in State College and it would be around $1500.00-2,000.00.

I had taken her to the vet when this first stated about 6 months ago they gave me 2 different antibiotic the second one which I guess was stronger seemed to help for a short time and now she is breathing bad again.

My poor girl seems miserable and I am frustrated with that thought I can’t help her unless I come up with that kind of money 🙁 I would love to bring her to you and help her breath right again she is my world and I want to help her so much. I am willing to travel

My vet is Sylvan Animal Hospital, I did not take her to the place in State College where I was told the surgery would be. The vet did tell he did not usually do this but could sedate her and see if he could remove it ???

I did not feel confident with that, and after watching you on You Tube I would love your help with my baby girl. Plus I could afford it. Or if you could recommend someone close to me that might be able to help that would not charge me a arm and a leg. thank you so much!

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1 year ago

Good morning. You may want to call around to see what vets close to you charge. You could also speak to your local spca or humane society, (etc.) to see if they can help out in any way.