My father has a 10yr old chihuahua that is very obese. The vet has run…

My father has a 10yr old chihuahua that is very obese. The vet has run serveral test to include blood work, xrays, and stimulus test.
The vet suspected Cushing’s disease and the results were 2.7 prior to the test and 11.9 after. The results were negative for Cushing’s however the vet said that sometimes this test provides a false negative.
The blood work also showed levels of 2624 when he said the normal is 5-131. So basically he has a very enlarged liver and that is all we know.
The vet wants to bring in a specialist, Dr. Parkinson to perform an ultrasound and consult.
Question: Does this all sound correct and maybe on target? What would you do? and what do you think may be the prognosis?
My father loves little Bear so much but I hate to see him invest so much emotionally and financially if there is really no treatment.
Thank you so much for your time.

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Krista Magnifico
9 years ago

Hello, Thanks for your question and I’m sorry your dads dog is having such a difficult time. I think that you are talking about alkaline phosphatase when you say that one of the liver values was 2624, with the normal being between 5-131. This significant elevation is most commonly seen in cushings disease.. There are two tests for Cushings. The ACTH stim test and the LDDT…if one is negative the other should be done to rule out the two possible causes..they are not cheap and it is frustrating if one comes back negative and you then have to do the… Read more »