Hello. A week ago I had to take my do to the emergency due to…

Hello. A week ago I had to take my do to the emergency due to having a fight with my other dog. And she had to go through surgery. Lasted 2 hours waiting for her. After 6 days from her surgery I noticed a lump. She wasn’t in pain when I touched her, it felt like fluids inside so I called the animal hospital talked over the phone made an appointment that night they told me it was fluids but said to me if it doesn’t come down by Monday to bring her in. But I was reading about not to drain her cause it might be back in couple of hours all the fluids. Should I just leave it alone? What should I do !

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I would follow up with either your regular vet or the ER you used. Someone needs to look at it in person especially if it shows any sign of infection; painful, red, foul smelling, discharge, or your dog is not acting like their normal healthy self. Also make sure the rabies vaccine for the other dog is up to date.