Lymphoma – in short, what is it?

Prognosis by K9 size (toy, small, medium…

Lymphoma – in short, what is it?

Prognosis by K9 size (toy, small, medium, large) vs. age (puppy, adult, senior) with no other previous health issues? Example: otherwise healthy 7 year old Pit Bull, diagnosed by aspiration of node. Early or mid-stage, not end-stage.

What if owners cannot afford chemo? What are some other options to discuss with their veterinarian that may help with the dog’s quality of life? Drugs or supplements?

How would you suggest our followers find more online information that can easily be understood by a lay-person?

I’m hiding this post but feel free to edit/display if you want it on your site. I’ve had 11 people come to me this week wanting info. I know that you can’t get into in-depth discussions with all these people, so I thought maybe you could give info like the questions above and I can post it as informational and tell people about Pawbly and promote your site. Just a thought…. Or I have one very close friend that I would like to send your way if it’s a question that you want to tackle online on Pawbly. Didn’t know how you’d feel about it without labs beyond aspiration, etc. and didn’t want to put you on the spot. The family cannot afford chemo and needs to know if there are other options besides chemo worthy of consideration. They realize there is no cure. This sweet dog has been a model for The Rein Coat and like I said is a close family friend. If you want to just email me that’s fine and if you’d rather defer to their veterinarian I understand – cancer is always complicated and tough to deal with anyway, then cyber puts a whole new twist on advising as I know. I would appreciate anything that you can give me to pass along, online or privately, to them. Thanks Krista!

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