Hello, I have a beagle/jack mix who was bleeding from his back paw. My…

Hello, I have a beagle/jack mix who was bleeding from his back paw. My husband was home when it happened, but did not see it happen, so we are not sure whether he stepped on something outside, or hit his nail on something in the house. I noticed small blood spots on the floor when I got home and then noticed blood on his paw. It looks like it is just around one nail, almost like the skin may have been pulled back a bit… I didn’t see a cut, but it was hard to see through fur and a squirming pup. The bleeding didn’t last too long, he slept through the night, and was fine the next day… We wanted to trim his nails because it had been longer than usual since we had last done it, and we thought that the nail hitting the ground would just make the pain/injury worse. Our dog hates having his nails trimmed, and when my husband was trying to look at the sore paw/nail, he squirmed away- my husband thinks his nail snagged on his shorts causing it to bleed again. It only lasted for a few seconds, and hasn’t bled since. (This was yesterday around 5pm.) He sleeps all day while we are at work, and came out of the cage limping a bit today, I assume because he had been laying down all day… but is now walking on it ok. When he goes to sit he kind of plops sideways a bit, and every once in awhile he lifts it a little. I wanted to take him into the vet but of course my vet has no openings until Monday. I was wondering if I should go to the ER, or give it time to heal and just watch to make sure it doesn’t get worse or bleed a lot… or just go to another vet and see if they will take me? I’m not sure what to do. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Sarah, Thanks for the question. Without seeing your pet and examining the foot it is very difficult to provide advice. If you are worried about a wound, or a broken bone (I don’t usually consider a broken toe nail a broken bone, toe nails are painful and should be removed if partially broken off, but at the clinic we use a topical anesthetic and provide an antibiotic solution and something to stop bleeding because they will bleed profusely once you pull the remnant nail off), then you need to see a vet. We are very good at holding squirmy… Read more »