Hello. I have a 5 month old dog – mix of Chocolate Lab and…

Hello. I have a 5 month old dog – mix of Chocolate Lab and German Short Hair Pointer. What kinds of tests do you recommend before I spay my dog? What age is she ready for these? Thank you!

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Jana Rade
6 years ago

Hi Diedra

I believe what you’re referring to is a standard pre-anesthesia blood test …? Those are certainly a good thing to do. There is no age restriction for blood tests. In fact, it is good to do a blood panel regularly, for screening purposes as well as establishing baseline values.


As for the ideal age for spay itself, that is a somewhat controversial issue, as there are pros and cons to both doing it early and waiting. I suggest you do your research on the subject as well as discuss ideal timing with your veterinarian.