Hello, 2 days ago my cat started hiding away from us and whenever I would come near …

Hello, 2 days ago my cat started hiding away from us and whenever I would come near her she would hiss or meow at me to go away, so yesterday I was searching for her and I couldn’t find her at all and when I did I found her in my closet and she was meowing and hissing but this time it was different! It seemed like she was in a lot of pain! Today in the morning I come to check on her I found out that she couldn’t walk on her left leg and I tried massaging it but she kept on hissing and meowing really loudly…. now the problem is I’m on lockdown and we don’t have any vets close by and I’m really scared and worried what shall I do? Please help me😭

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2 years ago

Hi there- So sorry this is happening to you. Clearly she is in a lot of pain. I’m sure you must be very worried. Is this a strictly indoor cat? Or outside and in? I know you said this had started a few days ago- can you think back to remember if anything was out of place or out of the ordinary? Perhaps she got an injury from a fall, or a fight with another animal? I know we are in the midst of social distancing, but she may need xrays, and definitely some meds. You will have to get… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Your cat needs a vet immediately. We are all on self isolation but all of the pet ers are open for cases just like this. Without an exam we cannot help much. I suggest you wrap a big towel around her so you can safely pick her up and place her in a cat carrier so she can’t bite you.