I have two aprox 10 month old small breed mixes who are both between 12…

I have two aprox 10 month old small breed mixes who are both between 12 and 15lbs a piece. They both love to go on walks and currently wear standard harness’. I have them on a coupla style leash as we really get tangled with 2 separate leashes. They look like sled dogs running a race and my hand turns purple from holding onto the leash. I mine as well have a German Shepard pulling on the other end they are so strong. I have looked into harness’ and collars to help with the pulling however they can be pricey so I don’t want to buy some only to find out another kind would be better (although I know it can also depend on the dog) especially when I am buying 2. What style/brand have you had the best luck with? Clearly they need training however that is not currently in the budget 😉

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Kaz Kallin
5 years ago

I love easy walk harnesses for dogs that pull. My cocker spaniel is a horrible puller and the harness really stops that. I’ve recommended them to quite a few clients at the practice I’m a tech at too and always had good feedback. 

PK Dennis
5 years ago

Nothing keeps a dog from pulling on a leash except training!  It is true that a Gentle Leader type device makes it physically impossible to pull, but the time it takes to train your dog to accept the head harness is the same amount of time that it takes to train your dog not to pull on a collar or body harness. There just is no substitute for working with your pooch!  There are some great videos on YouTube by Zak George that shows you how to get started with teaching your dog to not pull!  I have been working… Read more »

Jackie Gutshall
5 years ago

Hi we have a 9 month old chocolate lab and he is also terrible at pulling us around when walking. We have found some success in using a “gentle leader” we got ours at petco very inexpensive and has stopped the pulling. We now have nice smooth walks. This was a huge help with training on walks.