Happy #GivingTuesday … Do you plan on making a gift to help a dog or…

Happy #GivingTuesday … Do you plan on making a gift to help a dog or cat today? What are your favorite animal charities?

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Laurie McDowell
5 years ago

I trained race horses for over twenty years and still own three horses now so even though I make my living by caring for dogs now I tend to donate my time and money towards horse related charities.  I do some fostering dogs however.  I especially love pregnant mamas so we can enjoy raising puppies without adding to the dog population myself.  

PK Dennis
5 years ago

Of course, my favorite all time charity is Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network (www.CairnRescue.com).  They are the largest single breed rescue organization in the world.  They rescue purebred and Cairn mixes — about 400 dogs per year now.  They save dogs from kill ‘shelters’, puppy mills, and owner surrenders, often taking dogs that other rescue organizations refuse (biters, the sick & injured).  No brick & mortar facility, all the dogs are fostered in homes and have no paid staff — just very dedicated volunteers.  Since I foster for CP, do transports, and home visits, they not only get my… Read more »

Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

I have 2 rescued kitties. One was found in the woods at 3-4 weeks old. Her loud meows made it easy to find her. My other cat was a stray in my town. Over the winter I fed him, in the spring I trapped-neutered -released and by fall he was in my bathroom in a large cage. It took time but I can hold him now and I love him so much. Giving animals a chance for the life they deserve is the best feeling ever!!!!

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

I think my favorite shelter/rescue is BrightHaven in California. They began using holistic methods (homeopathy, flower essences and more) after one of my talks in LA for their adoptees – all 16 years or older. One of the first cats I helped treat there came at 18 and lived to 28. They had one cat live to 34, and many make it to 28-30. while I know their special energy may be hard to duplicate, they do teach and demonstrate ways to help cats (and other animals) with holistic approaches. They sponsor classes and have some great books about grief.… Read more »