I have 2 male dwarf hamsters, both roughly a year and a half old and…

I have 2 male dwarf hamsters, both roughly a year and a half old and they have both been of perfect health up until this weekend. Yesterday I noticed that one of the hamsters was asleep in the tunnel where his water funnel is kept, I found it strange that he would fall asleep in there but I left him for a few hours. When I returned he was acting as though he was ‘sleep walking’, his eyes were closed but he was drinking water from the funnel and was making slight movement around the cage. I held him and checked that there wasn’t anything in his eyes, he didn’t react or wriggle away from me which he usually would.

I kept an eye on him throughout the rest of the day, he just didn’t seem like he was getting any better. He cannot seem to open his eyes, his breathing has become rapid and heavy and he seems very frail. He went back to the entrance of the water tunnel and laid his head down in the tube, he was shaking and his breathing was extremely fast and I thought he was going to pass away. He then managed to get on to the exercise wheel but did not have the energy to run, he walked around the cage for a short while and then disappeared off to his bed where he has been since. I have checked regularly for signs of movement and he is still breathing, I have placed water and food nearer to his bed but he doesn’t seem interested.

Do you know what might be wrong with him? And what do you suggest that I do?

The other hamster seems fine, he’s eating and drinking and exercising.

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