Hello my name is Grace and I own a male Abyssinian Guinea Pig I purchased…

Hello my name is Grace and I own a male Abyssinian Guinea Pig I purchased him at Pet Smart on February 21st of 2015. Hes been one healthy pig until recently , I started noticing that he had a strong odor to him smelled like a wet sock I then discovered he had this white yellowy-ish creamy stuff under his lips it hit me that his food bowl still looked full as if I just refilled it. I searched up everything I could on the internet to see what may be wrong with him I have yet to find an answer. He is drinking water but not himself he seems weak and just plops himself down where ever , He also seems like he is losing a bit of weight. His cage is near the window elevated near my bed in my room it does get a little hot but I usually point the fan in his direction. PLEASE PLEASE Help me figure out whats going on with him, I dont want to lose my piggy ! Thank You .

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Smita G
5 years ago

Did you find out what happened to him?

5 years ago

you need to take him to the vet – this honestly sounds like an emergency.  and please move his cage to the other side of the room, far from the window.  small animals are very prone to overheating since they can’t escape the heat source like our cats and dogs can.