My house has two kids, aged 10 and 15. They love dogs. The younger one…

My house has two kids, aged 10 and 15. They love dogs. The younger one is afraid of the potential for mouthiness. Which one should I choose? We live in an apartment and wont be choosing other dogs but am open to suggestions… Our house is a bit chaotic ay times…

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Sue Bona
5 years ago

What are you looking for in a dog?

5 years ago

your apartment rules allow for a larger breed dog? are you prepared for regular, daily walks?  are you prepared for obedience training at a young age, and possibly multiple classes?  are you prepared for the insane amounts of hair both of these breeds shed regularly? both labs and goldens are high energy breeds, and they require a lot of work.  please seriously consider all of the pros and cons before bringing either home. that said…i would look for a local breed club or all breed dog show in your area.  this is the best way to meet multiple individuals of… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

With regards to the lab and retriever and mouthiness that your younger child was worried about–both breeds were trained to be working dogs…and both are great hunting dogs–so both are usually mouthy when excited. Both breeds are typically high energy and very active when younger. I would def go to rescues, shelters so you can see different dogs in person, they all have unique personalities and you can see what would work best for you. Ask lots of questions to staff because they often can help match up what you are looking for with the right dog! Hope you enjoy… Read more »