I have a 1 year old 56lb Golden Retriever lab mix, I have him on…

I have a 1 year old 56lb Golden Retriever lab mix, I have him on Frontline Plus as a preventative as well as Intercepter for heartworms. The Frontline Plus has been pretty effective as a preventive for fleas but he still gets a number of ticks on his coat. We will be out hiking in the woods for hours more frequently now with the weather getting nicer. I have heard that the Seresto Collar is really effective in repelling ticks which is my biggest concern with the area I live in. I was curious if it is possible to combine both the Frontline Plus along with the Seresto Collar (only if its safe), or if you would recommend one over the other.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, Ticks are a huge problem in my area too. I have used many products and always found the same thing. One nothing repels. Those little armored ticks are going to find your dog and they are going to jump on. The way they die after this is a little product dependent but between the two you mention both require the tick to take a bite before they are killed by the product. All products require this (to the best of my knowledge and I am not an expert in parasitology). If you want to minimize the ticks getting on… Read more »