It’s going to be 3 months that my dog had surgery. She had a malignant…

It’s going to be 3 months that my dog had surgery. She had a malignant tumor removed. It’s taken a while to heal and the wound has finally completely healed after some complications:( The area where she had surgery feels hard and it’s kind of a lump now, is that normal? Could it be coming back? I don’t like the care she received so I’m very hesitant to go back to that vet office.

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3 years ago

I am so sorry that you are unhappy with the service and care that you received. You are definitely within your rights to find another vet office that you feel more comfortable with. If the area is warm to the touch or painful fir her in any way, I would call a vet. The lump, depending on the size, could just be scar tissue… but if you are worried, I would start at the vet office. If you’re going to a new vet, make sure you thoroughly explain all your dog’s medical history. Best of luck!??

3 years ago

Ok I am so sorry that you have had a bad experience at this particular office. I would call around and find another vet right now. What is the credit card issue? Most major cards I would think are excepted everywhere. There are also payment plans available out there…. care credit, vetbilling…. you could also speak to th vet office (new vet office if I were you) and explain your situation. See if they can let you pay part up front and the rest in installments. I would also call the local humane society, local spca, and other local animal… Read more »

Kathleen Halliwell
3 years ago

Following a surgery the vet office that did it would normally check it for no fee. Did they give you any written post surgical instructions?