was giving my 65 lb. lab a piece of chicken and I didn’t…

was giving my 65 lb. lab a piece of chicken and I didn’t realize there was a bone attached, about 2 in. and possibly l-shaped and she swallowed it whole. we are going on vacation tomorrow morning, should I take her to pet ER and have them induce vomiting? Possibly Dr. Magnifico can get this message and rely since she is our regular vet practice. My dog never gets bones or rawhides-ever. Pet ER tonight

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Sue Bona
5 years ago

I would definitely get him checked out especially since you’re going away. I think it might be too late to induce vomiting though.

Suzanne Cannon
5 years ago

Hi Melissa, did Pet ER recommend that you go there to have vomiting induced because they are concerned about the size & shape of the bone? Just wondering because vomiting can be induced at home by giving hydrogen peroxide. However, I don’t know if inducing vomiting this way at home is contraindicated due to the fact that your dog ingested a chicken bone.