My 8 year old dachshund, Ginny, was diagnosed with IVDD and had surgery last January…

My 8 year old dachshund, Ginny, was diagnosed with IVDD and had surgery last January. She went to physical therapy for 5 months. It took her 6 months to walk and she is still very wobbly. Her bladder function never returned to normal and she has to tap her bottom on the ground to urinate and often has to be expressed. Throughout the past 9 months she has suffered with constant recurrent UTIs. As soon as we are done with antibiotics she needs them again within a few days as she cannot empty her bladder completely. She has been prescribed bethanecol which makes her nauseous and prazosin which makes her extremely lethargic. She has also had recurrent yeast infections on her tummy, ear infections, and awful reverse sneezing episodes. Lately she seems to be in pain…shaking, panting, licking, big eyes. She’s on amoxicillin for yet another UTI which upsets her stomach. She’s walking worse and dragging her feet until her toenails bleed. We were recently in the ER with a reverse sneezing episode that was wet and crackly and left her unable to breath. We have spent about $8,000 on the surgery,
therapy, cultures, treatments and drugs that lately seem to just make her sick. She can wag her tail but doesn’t, not for long time. My fear is that I’m prolonging suffering in a dog that will continually be sick, in pain and unhappy. We have been so hopeful and have rejoiced with each small step forward. She’s just had so many steps backwards. How do I know when it’s enough?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your pup. I understand your dilemma completely and for as long as I have been a vet (13 years) and for as long as I have had pets in my family (30) years I still cannot answer this question for myself concretely, never mind for others. I just went through a 9 month battle with my beloved pup Jekyll who struggled and ultimately died from prostate cancer. I dedicated every day of my life to him for the last 9 months. Hoping to prolong his life and keep him by my side. I asked… Read more »