I have a 4 year old German Shepard, Qiana. She became lame all of…

I have a 4 year old German Shepard, Qiana. She became lame all of the sudden on her front left paw, it also swelled as if she injured it. I waited thinking the swelling would go down, it did not so I took her to my vet and they aspirated it. They could not get anything from it.
We decided to operate and get a sample to send for pathology. This was August 2012, the vet got the results back and told me it was nothing to worry about.
Now, almost a year later she is worse. She cant go for hikes or walks without limping terribly within the first five minutes. She cant run after her ball without serious consequences. I have been seeing my vet to follow up and she says to have her take it easy. Well, she is not a dog to sit on the sidelines, it is not an easy thing to make her do.
I am thinking of getting another opinion so I requested her pathology results. Some of it worries me but I would like to find out what it means.
The report says:
Microscopic Description: Sections of bone in which there is modest focally extensive fibrosis with numerous closely spaced fibroblasts between trabeculae and around apparently fragments of bone. There are also regions of cartilage. The lesions extend to the margins. Section of collagenous tissue with an out pocketing of synovial lining that is distended and lined by thickened synovial cells.
Microscopic Findings:
1.Bone, modest intertrabecular fibrosis with densely arranged fibroblasts.
2.Collagenous tissue with dilated synovial membrane.
Comment: Digit three, front left and P2-P3 joint. The first slide contains bone and nearby fibrous connective tissue with proliferating fibroblasts. The cause of this fibrous proliferative change could not be determined. It may be secondary to previous trauma or injury or perhaps a foreign body or infection (although no foreign bodies or agents were seen). Alternatively, a deeper lesion/mass cannot be ruled out completely and because the fibroblasts appear proliferative, the site should be monitored. A section tissue contains collagenous stroma with a dilated synovial membrane region.

So, the questions that I have are; should I get another opinion? Should I see a vet oncologist? What do you recommend?

I really appreciate anything that you can tell me.

Thank you!!!
Donna and QiQi

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Donna, Thank you for your question. Without being the veterinarian who performed the biopsy it is difficult for me to comment on the biopsy report. Based on the time duration of your dogs clinical signs, your work up, your observations, and most importantly your own uneasy feelings, I think that getting a second opinion is a very good place to start. I tell my clients all the time that my job is to help you take care of your pet, and that the more information you have to get the care you need for your pet the better off… Read more »