I have a gerbil and yesterday he bit me harder then usual and on instinct…

I have a gerbil and yesterday he bit me harder then usual and on instinct I flung him , I truly didn’t mean to and I feel absolutely terrible , he hit the wall , not hard though, he layed there for a few minutes but then started spazzing and I ran and got my da when I came back he was on the ground so he must off spazzed off my bed, I put him in his cage and removed all toys , he walks but with a limp and seems to be a little less energetic , please help me I’m very freaked out and I feel very bad, I’m never bad with animals , I love them, but it was a true accident out of instinct . Please answer ASAP email me @ amillia.tieder@gmail.com PLEASE HELP btw I can’t go to a vet can’t afford it !

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5 years ago

you need to take your pet to the vet.  it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it – you need to prioritize your pet’s care.  this may mean you have to look into care credit, or you need to sell something.  but not being able to afford it does not excuse the fact that your gerbil may have serious internal injuries and needs care.