My gerbil is chewing on the plastic ramps and food bowl in his cage. Is…

My gerbil is chewing on the plastic ramps and food bowl in his cage. Is this healthy?

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago


It’s definitely common but not healthy. Offer LOTS of things for your gerbil to chew. All rodents are chewers, so you need to offers lots of items to chew. If you dont have access to safe wood scraps, you can buy them from pet shops, you can also give your gerbil chunks of hard veggies like carrot or sweet potatoes to help. Make sure your gerbil has access to a wheel to exercise and offer lots of shreddible fun like paper, paper tubes, even small boxes

Enjoy your gerbil!!


Kelly MAaveric
5 years ago

This is common but NOT healthy. Gerbils should really have metal cages because they destroy plastic. You would not want your little guy escaping!  I would give your gerbil more toys to chew on. 

Kelly MAaveric
5 years ago

I would get a metal food bowl, and gerbils don’t need tubes. If you really like them, you could try making some cardboard ones out of toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls etc. ( You would have to replace them, but at least your gerbil isn’t harming him/herself)