I have a kitten that is 2 months, 11 days old. We got her about…

I have a kitten that is 2 months, 11 days old. We got her about 2 and a half weeks ago from someone giving them away. Here’s the breakdown…
She was fine the first 2 days we had her and then all of the sudden, she started having seizures. They were small at first; drooling, shaking her head, staring off into space. Then one hit her that I thought was going to damage her beyond repair. She had grand mal cluster seizures all night long. I honestly don’t think she even came out of the seizure. She was unresponsive and just stared at the wall until another bout of shaking started. They got increasingly worse.
The very next morning we took her to the vet. She was near comatose. The vet took her temperature, weighed her, and said that she was perfectly healthy as far as that went. He asked if she’d eaten that day and I told him no (she couldn’t eat…she was almost in a coma). He suggested that maybe she was hypoglycemic and gave her this paste that is basically just sugar and vitamins. She perked right up after eating some. We thought she was going to be okay as long as we kept up with her sugar intake.
We get home and about an hour later, she starts with the grand mal cluster seizures. I got online and began research on what was wrong and what we could do to stop it. The common element in most blogs on feline epilepsy was Klonopin. We had a bottle of it. Each pill is 1/2 mg. We gave her half of a half (very small amount) and she finally stopped seizing and slept. The next morning we went back to the vet and told him about the Klonopin. He assured us that the medicine was fine for her to take and said we’d have to do some adjusting to the dose as she grew. We are giving her 1/2 mg daily, split up into 2 doses, 8-9 hours apart. Here’s my question…

She’s started to have break through seizures even with meds. They are small and she snaps out of them quickly. We keep adjusting the dose/times but every couple of days she’ll seize. Last night she seized twice and that was unexpected.
I have a prescription for gabaphentin (also used for feline seizures) 100mg. What I need to know is can I give her the gabaphenin if she’s already taking Klonopin? If so, how many mgs? I know it would be a very small amount like 5 mg. I also know it would have to be given separately hours apart. Our vet is stymied and kind of acts like it’s a lost cause so I’m getting nothing helpful from him. How much gabaphentin can I give her and can I even give it along with klonopin? I appreciate any info you can give me. We love her so much and want to be able to control her seizing.

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Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Hi Amber;

I  have no answer for you, I wish that I did, but I want to tell you how much I respect you for what you are doing to try to help this poor little kitten!

God bless you!