Frequent flyer here, back with another question! All 3 of my cats have a current…

Frequent flyer here, back with another question! All 3 of my cats have a current issue- Milo, who you gave advice on before with his chronic rhinitis/sinusitis which we have mostly under control with nebulizing Gentamycin and saline. Lily, who I asked about recently, was diagnosed with a heart murmur who has further testing on March 18th.

But my question today is about my youngest cat Pippin, who will be 2 years old this month. Pippin has always been a piggy, and eats his food very fast. He throws up every other day or every 3 days, and it is full pieces of food mixed with some liquid, as if this food never made its way down. I tried slow feeding bowls for a few months, but when the vomiting continued I switched back to regular bowls as to not disturb the other cats with this new feeding system for no reason.

I took Pippin to the vet and he told me to try hairball gel, which Pippin luckily loved and gobbled down for a few weeks, but the vomiting continued. The vet then suggested bloodwork, which I just got the results of today. I was told that his white blood cell count was high, specifically lymphocites and the vet suggested that we do further blood work then would include feline aids and leukemia as the initial blood work did not test for those. He stated that we may also want to consider an ultrasound.

Many in my life tell me that I get “taken for a ride” by vets because they know ill fork over whatever money it takes to keep my pets healthy. I wondered what your advice would be about this situation or what steps you might be taking if you were seeing Pippin, as I trust your morals and standards more than any vet (if only you weren’t so far from me)

Thank you so much for any insight you might have.

Courtney & Pippin

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Robert Biser
3 years ago

Hi, I have the same condition with one of my trapped, resued TNR cats on my farm. He is the sweetest thing (aren’t they all ). I solved the problem with him. In his case, he started out like all the rest “gobble hounds” (sorry I didn’t mean to insult the cat by calling him a hound), I figured two things were causing this. He usually only did this while eating wet foods, and it was a “semi pate type with chicken chunks” of wet food while eating to fast. Two I was giving him too much food to look… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello!! Welcome back! As the mom of a full fledged bulimic cat (jitterbug) I will tell you that this happens almost daily. He is a pig! He eats a huge volume and then within 10-15 minutes he vomits it up. It always looks like food. And he has never lost weight or had any other issues. He does this because he prefers to be an outside cat who only comes in to eat and indulge. I have done full works ups. And I check decals often but in general my advice is to 1. Monitor weight. 2. Make sure the… Read more »

3 years ago

I would think that further tests will help rule out possible causes, conditions, etc. And the ultrasound is probably being recommended to see if there is some sort of obstruction along the way that might be causing the vomiting, or to see if there is a mass of some sort that would need to be dealt with. I cannot speak for you, but I trust my vet and the team completely and when they recommend a test, it gets done. If you are unsure, you could ,always take your cat to get a second opinion. I will say, that I… Read more »