French bull dog a year old in May of 2018. Since we got her in…

French bull dog a year old in May of 2018. Since we got her in October of last year she has had mucus in her stool witha tiny amount ofbright red blood. She has had three rectal prolapsed since July 4th. Always repaired with purse string. She is now eating hydrolyzed protein diet but developed a urinalysis with Chrystal’s in it. The diet for that is contraindicated for prolapse. Have a internal medicine vet appointment next week. Please tell me there is hope to get her past this.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

There is always hope. Never lose it. It will carry you through the darkest of days and keep you hopeful for tomorrow.
As far as of this is treatable I say I think the internal medicine consult is a great place to start. I also think that a full neuro exam might also help. I have had a few prolapse patients who benefited from tacking the colon surgically. Also talk about diets, allergies, supplements and stool softeners (if any of these are considered helpful). Best of luck. Please let us know how things go.