Today, I found one of my pet chickens dead in my coop. I didn’t…

Today, I found one of my pet chickens dead in my coop. I didn’t know what she ha died from. I have lost several other chickens in a manner similar to this, however the deaths are usually several months apart. I found her under the ladder to the hen boxes, a very tight space, as well as I found no evidence of any wounds, and her comb and wattle showed no signs of frostbite. I want to know what I should look for as to determine the cause of death in a chicken, especially one who died like this. Also, this chicken was only ~2 yrs old.

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Kelly Furgason
6 years ago

First, very sorry to hear about your chicken passing away. From what you describe of how you found your chicken she was likely I’ll for several days. Chickens tend to find tight spaces to pass away in when they have had an illness or something wrong for at least a few days. Check her for any puncture wounds to rule out fox and raccoon getting to her. Also many chickens are sometimes killed by snakes entering the coop. Sometimes they aren’t able to eat them and they leave them. Parasites are a possibility. If your hens were still laying eggs… Read more »