Time is becoming an issue..we have boarded him at the vet for a month because…

Time is becoming an issue..we have boarded him at the vet for a month because we aren’t allowed to have him in our college apartment. We also really don’t have the money to keep him at the vet much longer. Treated for round/whip/hook worms. Heart worm negative. Full bloodwork looks great. He is approx. 9 yrs old. Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix. Still very thin. Around 30 lbs. rescue needs him neutered before they take him and they have a home waiting for him. Vet wants to wait until he gains 4-5 more lbs..which seems reasonable given the condition he was/is in. I don’t know much about this though, and I was told to get a second opinion on waiting to neuter. Is there an average timeframe for how long it usually takes a dog to gain about 5 lbs? Or does it vary from dog to dog? Also, is there anything different that we could be doing to help him gain some weight? He didn’t tolerate high calorie food at the vet so he is now on sensitive stomach food. Thank you!!

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Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Dr. Krista;
You are great! I have followed your answers for quite a while, and I admire you for your caring and compassion!