I’ve had my foster dog for about a year now and the only area where…

I’ve had my foster dog for about a year now and the only area where I haven’t been able to make progress with him is at the vet’s office. He’s a large pit mix, about 77lbs, so since he’s big and scared we have to sedate him for anything more than a routine check up. I take him to vet’s office for little visits so that he gets to know the staff and the smells there, and he’s fine in the waiting room and with staff. He only becomes anixious when we’re back in the room with the vet. Does anyone have any helpful hints, training experience or games that we can play to get him less anixious or even to the point where we don’t have to completely sedate him? Thank you!

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Lynzee, Thanks for the great question, and THANKS for not giving up, and for already trying to do many of the suggestions that I would have said to try. For many of the behavioral problems and challenges that dogs have we usually recommend trying to ‘desensitize’ them. This is a process of making the scary thing (for example thunder, loud noises, car rides, or even the ever dreaded vets office) less and less scary by continuing to give repeated small exposures to that feared thing. So, the frequent social visits to the office are a great place to start.… Read more »