Hi Krista,

Thank you so much for your reply’s, they are honestly keeping us strong.

On a…

Hi Krista,

Thank you so much for your reply’s, they are honestly keeping us strong.

On a personal note only cried abit today vs being so distraught the days before and able to focus on all my other daily tasks. But she is on my mind 24/7. Dont want fluffy to give up. We miss her so much. Fluffy is one of our best friends 🙁

I am now sure in the region i’m in there is no EXCELLENT vets, That is just how our region is. They are brought up with a mentality of animals are animals.

Even if they might be really good not all the staff has love in them for animals (that should be a minimum for employment at a vet)

Just imagine how horrible: they had her wrapped up in a dogs blanket!!! or another pet blanket was grey and full of fur which wasn’t hers. I very kindly told them its the wrong blankie so they found her clean one and at my next trip i got more clean blankets. I new she was annoyed from the first blanky as she was repelled by it.

here are the updates. Again, any feedback from you is a push for both me and fluffy as the vet is getting abit annoyed.

1) She fell friday night at that time her xrays showed all internal organs are in the correct place, but the internal bleeding was filling her lungs.
2) As of yesterday her internal bleeding has stopped, as of yesterday physically she looked better but i got the feeling that emotionally she is ready to give up. No reaction to anything. Simply no reaction, she wasnt like that at previous days.
3) she is as you said being given painkillers and fluids at the vets
4) He said its time to start feeding and i can try myself. so i got liquid foods (got all the info from the net) she didnt eat even though i insisted but she did drink
5) She does have a bag injected into her with the proper medication
6) She isnt howling in pain as she was when she first fell so putting her to sleep isnt necessary yet.

The vet says she is getting better but he still doesn’t know if she’ll make it or not. Is it normal that she fell friday and we still don’t know?

I believe she is getting medical care but not love, specailly from the staff there. I kept asking different staff members if they have any pets and from all i asked all said no.

We are now at day 4.

Anyways Krista here are my two main questions:
1) When will she be on the clear?
2)They have her attached to a serum but in you professional opinion anything does anything new need to start to be done so i can ask for it tomorrow when i go tomorrow?

Bless you.

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