1) 2010 CO vet adv 7/yr fem cat, fixed, front claws pulled (prev elderly owner…

1) 2010 CO vet adv 7/yr fem cat, fixed, front claws pulled (prev elderly owner afraid her cats would climb drapes etc). Cat afraid (no claw prot assumed) never wanted to go outside. Health etc good
2) great relatnshp next 10 years, i ret @12yrs ago, after @2 years we started talking to (i spk, she spks, i spk, etc) to each other. Also, didnt take long, w/in 5 min of me going to bed at nite (or naps etc) she would curl up on my chesr, watch until i fell asleep and then so did she.
3) i’ve lived RV’s all my life (excpt 20 years ‘65-85 worked maritime), she took to this wuite well, liked watching out window or curl on lap, nightime driving i turn on defroster, she likess watching oncoming headlites white sprawled out on dash &defrstr her warm.
4) been staying new places @a year then find new place &do same.
5)@1.2 yrs ago moved to page, AZ (largest 200mi lg, 2500mi circumf fresh water inland lake in usa, few yrs ago built solar powered boat this reason 1 for Page AZ; reason 2 4 Corners archeology, ancient native Am history etc)
3 yrs bldg boat Cat got used to boat & accepted boat @Almost@ as well as RV.
6) couple months after “calling Page new temp home Cat develops hair mats (long soft hair, appearance much like maine coon cat appearance), prev i always take to groomer, which she liked.
7)page pop 7000 mostly bat an, businesses, IF there is one of anything there is no 2, 3 etc iow NO competition on services or prices, only comp is.boat storage and small storage places
8) vet blows off helping with mats, cat still has teeth so nada ever done @ that.
9) vet takes BP say cats are identical to humans in this regard (my est of this vet dropped several points at this point) a humans BP can change a thoudand times a day and new places, out of rv comfort zone, strange people poking her, dogs eksewhere barking, all sorts of reasons a one time BP test useless. Meanwhile he says she has urinary tract inf (all prev signs re cat, litter box, excess h20 drinking, etc then never applied. Vet Refusing recommedg drugs, antibiotics, wet food etc. Vet stressed ONLY thing that would help was HIS brand dry food (forget name but same brand seen/sold in almost ALL vet ofcs. Dummy cat owner says ok and takes 2 8lb bags. Pays& leaves. Getting into RV and Cat settled looked at receipt: use of treatg room$60. 2 bags dry food $80.Dummy got real smart real quick & this collegeeducated BUSInESSMAN with triple ultra minor in screwing cat owners just relegated ti phq u u jerk!
10) 3 weeks later Cat keeps asking where food is & get rid of this dumpster dived excuse for cat food. So we head back to WallyWorld and study whats there. Low & behold 1 bag ONLY no grain “pure balance”hi protein also few sm cand fancy feast salmon&shrimp. First couple days started feeling like gaining then suddenly nada, losing ground. Last few weeks seldom to no catbox use, pees everywhere. Last night i had rolled on sude, when cant sleep on my checst, hip is great alternative, but woke up with right hip totally soaked. Cant tell her she can no longer sleep w/on me as thats gonna be even greater psycho hit. Clothes bedfing etc inste ad of usual 3-4 week trip to laundrmat is still 3-4 weeks but looks like 3-4 months. Couple hours ago had thougjt to thought to search “female cat urinary tract infection” on youtube, several hits but listening to vodeosbyours was more inteteveted in the pet than the high dollar competition prone.
11) she not doing well, looks worse, have med raising and training in addition to farm background. Unfortunately, putting farm raised animals down is no longer the answer when world culture teaches us to regard them as semi-human family members. I hate watching her wither aw ay keep hoping better alternative can be.
Thank you, Art

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello Art, Sounds like you are a very dedicated and saucy/colorful guy. Which I think is awesome! Kudos to you for being so determined to find an answer for your kitty. I would recommend this: fo find a vet who you trust. I think your cat needs a professional advocate to help understand and diagnose what’s going on. I hope you can find someone soon. I think that a full bloodwork (CBC, chemistry, thyroid and urinalysis are all indicated). In my experience high blood pressure is abnormal along with something else. Please don’t try to fix this without some diagnostics.… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi again Art-
You need a vet that you can establish an. Trusting relationship with. Ask around. Check with everyone you meet that has animal. In the meantime, you can either take your cat back where you originally went (I personally would not) or just try another vet and bring your records with you and explain your situation like you did here. Best of luck!!!???