It’s the first day of her tumor removal. post surgery is it normal for my…

It's the first day of her tumor removal. post surgery is it normal for my dog to not move from her laying position or walk at all I had to move her and she cried out in pain she wont get up cant even stand she was given a pain injection but this was hours ago i was advised to give her pain medication until tomorrow... just wondering if this is normal ?? It's after hours so im not able to contact the vet but I will first thing in the am. :*(((((
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Sarah Greco

HI- I’m sorry your pup is in so much pain at the moment. I’m thinking depending on the size, and location of the tumor, the removal process can vary greatly. I would continue with the pain meds and keep her still and quiet until you can get her to the vet. I would call first thing and get her in TODAY to be examined and hopefully by the vet who performed the surgery as they know the situation best. Having said all that, I would ask for specific detailed instructions for recovery process and also ask for what to expect…… Read more »

Krista Magnifico

I agree with Sarah! Call your vet as soon as you can.