I have a 11 year old female staffy she had a tumor removed and her…

I have a 11 year old female staffy she had a tumor removed and her spleen with complete success. The results come back as inconclusive as the tumor was rotten and the size of a orange. Two weeks of rest eating well toilets also fine she went really quiet and her gums where white, back to vets and they did ultra sound and said she has fluid and blood in her belly and told me after surgery small bits of blood have made cancer spread. She is today running around like normal gums pink. I am at a loss if there WAS no results how can I be told its cancer from a scan. Do dogs go from looking really ill one day to normal the next. Me and my family don’t want her to suffer but when she is happy I am worried that I should get a second vet to look please help.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

The pet always knows best. So if she is happy and oblivious let her be.. if you ca afford a second opinion or the advice of an internal medicine specialist seek their help. Until then keep her well fed, moderately exercised and happy. I wish you all the best.