I have a 1 yr old Male cat, a 5 yr old Male cat, and…

I have a 1 yr old Male cat, a 5 yr old Male cat, and a 7 yr old female cat, should they b eating wet or dry food, I currently feed them each a 1/4 cup of dry in the morning and evening.

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Robert Biser
3 years ago

Some good answered above. For al my cats, both in the barn, in the house, and fosters, I give them both until they decide what they like to eat. After a while you will know what their preferences are. Some cats will only eat dry food. Important : make sure it is a good quaility food. Doesn’t have to be real expensive, but has to be generally good for them.

3 years ago

Hi there- your vet would be able to advise you best, however, I always feed dry food. I was told once a long time ago that it keeps tartar build up at bay. I’ve never had any issue with a dry food only diet either.

3 years ago

Wet food is actually better for cats, as they tend not to drink enough water.

Jennifer Taylor
3 years ago

I feed my cats a combination of 1/2 wet and 1/2 dry. It seems one in my bunch has constipation issues, canned food is a good way to sneak water into cats. Always check with your vet to see what they recommend.