Hi, I’m asking for a close friend with a female sheltie.. Friend is currently…

Hi, I’m asking for a close friend with a female sheltie.. Friend is currently at another vet with her sheltie. Annabelle has looked like this (pic attached) since Thursday morning. She was in the vet hospital for 3 days, discharged on Saturday. Back to vet today with high fever, rapid breathing and listlessness. They have no idea what could be wrong. Bite? Mange? Cancer? The sheltie lives in a very nice home, nice neighborhood with another Sheltie who has no symptoms at all.

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Brent Harte
5 years ago

Send a biopsy of the infected skin to a lab that specializes in canine skin bacteria, infections, yeasts, bites, etc. I have seen severe conditions that showed no response to heavy antibiotics cured in a few days with specific meds prescribed by lab. I do not have a lab name or # but will look in are records and post later.

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi, the poor girl what an awful thing to happen to her. I’m by no means a Vet….but it doesn’t look like Mange or Cancer to me. There seems to be a definate area of trauma, the darkest bruise…with lighter bruising around it. Why the rest of her coat has fallen off I’ve no idea….unless it could possibly be shock?  The darkest bruise looks too big to be a bite..unless theres a definate bite mark in the middle of it. Looks more like blunt force trauma. Has she been in the garden on her own and someone could have kicked… Read more »

5 years ago

oh my gosh, so sorry this is happening. You’ve got great advice here and I’m glad she’s going to a vet. Also,,,this may be totally nothing to do with this but ask about spider bites. I was bit by a recluse spider and this happened to my foot, the dark center with radiating outward. Worth a shot to ask if it could be from a spider.

Good luck!! I hope she recovers well!