Hi. We have a family friend who recently passed away 2 days ago. She lived…

Hi. We have a family friend who recently passed away 2 days ago. She lived in assisted living and she had a companion cat who is 1.5 years old. The assisted living wanted him out the following day. She did not have family or friends that could take the cat (we actually met her through my grandma. My grandma lived at the assisted living and they were best friends. After my grandma passed away, our who family stayed friends with this lady. She was our new adopted grandma). I took the cat home with me yesterday with the intention of either finding him a good home or placing him in a no-kill shelter (I am planning on giving a hefty donation to one of these shelters and I am willing to drive 100 miles or more to find him a good place, so that is not the problem. Here is the real problem. He is very depressed. I don’t know if I should have him get attached to our family only to have him move on to another place and get depressed again. I have no problem keeping him for about a month, but I don’t know if it is best for him to stay with us a while or get relocated asap! I would love to keep him, but I already have 2 other boy cats and the younger of the two is extremely territorial and I can not let them be together. He would probably severely wound or kill this new cat. By the way, I have them separated. I have this new cat in my oldest daughter’s bedroom for now. Please help! I just want to do what is right for this cat. I want this sweet kitty to have the best life possible, but I just don’t know what to do.

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Eleanor Wood
6 years ago

Thank you for being so good to this little cat! However, it will be best for him to minimise the duration of disruption, rather than let him get settled and then move again, especially as one of your other cats is not so friendly. So try rehoming centres, but if he is used to being a companion cat for an elderly person, also try any local charities or organisations that involve elderly people, or ask your local vets, as they may know of someone looking for a cat.

Good luck,
Eleanor Wood