Hi everyone, I wanted to get some advice on a situation with our male cat…

Hi everyone, I wanted to get some advice on a situation with our male cat, about 6 years old. Last Saturday I noticed he was unable to urinate. I put him in the laundry room overnight with a fresh litter box and some food. He was eating fine and active like normal but did not pee that night so I took him to the vet the next day. They said his bladder was very large and they would start IV fluids before unblocking him. After they did this, then they noticed his abdomen was sore so they thought his bladder had ruptured. They did an operation, did find urine in the abdomen but no tear in the bladder although part of the bladder was purple and diseased. So they put in a Foley catheter to remove any pressure on the bladder walls so it could heal. and kept him on a drip. They mentioned cellulitis in his leg so they started rotating the drip amongst his legs. They noticed he wasn’t eating, thought it was because of his leg being painful, so they treated that. Still he wasn’t eating. He was just sitting there in the crate at the vet. They thought it was because he was stressed by not being at home. All this took about a week. Last night we brought him home with all these medications because they wanted to see if he would eat at home. He pretty much just sat there, looking unhappy. Has a seroma from the catheter site that was leaving a small pink-tinged spot here and there. I slept in the room with him last night. He jumped into and out of the bed a few times during the night. By morning, he still hadn’t eaten or drunk any water and there was a very small clump in the litter. Took him back to the vet around noon today. They put in a feeding tube and, while doing some kind of scan or X-ray to check the tube was in the right place, they noticed fluid in the chest cavity. They were unable to get a sample despite trying twice. They have no idea what it is. They asked me if he got into rat bait! I was like, no he was totally fine apart from the urinary blockage when I brought him in a week ago. So tonight he was transported from the vet to the vet hospital for monitoring until Monday when they’ve booked a specialist to try to sample the fluid. How is it possible that a urinary blockage has evolved into pleural effusion?? I just don’t understand.

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