My 12 lb poodle mix has had a problem with reverse sneezing since I rescued…

My 12 lb poodle mix has had a problem with reverse sneezing since I rescued him in 2011 at age 1.5. Usually his episodes last only a few seconds and he calms down when I pet him or comfort him. However, as of right now it has been about 16 hours that he’s been doing it off and on and I’m terrified. Yesterday around 3 pm I let him outside to play in the sunshine for a bit, I watched him. After being outside for only 5 or 6 minutes he went into a reverse sneezing fit. I pet him and he calmed down and then brought him back inside. Normally once he’s done with the fit he doesn’t do it again for days or weeks. Yesterday, though, it kept happening. He would go into a fit after just walking around. I’ve had him laying in his doggie bed since the first episode and he hasn’t moved around much on his own.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Reverse sneezing in general is benign. However, a bad fit like that would make me suspicious. I’d worry about some foreign body or something that doesn’t belong and irritates the soft palate.

For helping to end the fit, our vet recommended getting the dog to swallow. Usually it worked. Sometimes people recommend massaging the throat or plugging the nose; those didn’t really work for us. The swallowing did.

But considering how bad the episode was, I’d want to have his nasal passages checked properly to make sure there isn’t something in there, causing the irritation.