A few days ago, I went to pet my dog in the evening before going…

A few days ago, I went to pet my dog in the evening before going to bed. (A 7 year old British lab, female). I went up to her and realized that she wasn’t wanting attention. Her backside was shaking, particularly her right leg. We tried comforting her as we didn’t know what was going on. She, surrounded by the whole family, lay on the floor. She shook for a few seconds and then stopped. She started up again several times. Then she panted heavily for a few seconds. We eventually got her to calm down and went to bed. ***It was a few days before the 4th of July, so there were some fireworks in the neighborhood but nothing too loud*** The next day, she acted a bit out of sorts but seemed at least a little better. This morning, she woke us up, making a horrible noise (that we later found out was paroxymal respiration, or reverse sneezing). She did that several times and then stopped. We took her to the vet soon after that. She said that –her muscle mass was less in one leg than the other (for a few years she has had a small limp after running) and she thought that this could be anxiety (from the fireworks) combining with a reaction from her pain to cause the reverse sneezing. She prescribed Temaril (trimeprazine with prednisolone). So we gave her the recommended dosage, and she still acted odd. She also took one bite of her food and then stopped eating—-something that she has NEVER done before. She always scarfs it all down. During dinner she usually begs for food but tonight she just lay on her side under the table. We took her out for a walk before bed and a firework went off nearby. She did a beeline inside while cowering and went and lay on her side on the floor air vent– something that she has done in the last couple of days but never before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! She’s a great dog but something seems to be wrong. She has had a “weak leg” for quite some time and only recently expressed her fear of fireworks.

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