I have a big emergency My 2 year old Pekingese & poodle has these red…

I have a big emergency My 2 year old Pekingese & poodle has these red spots on her chest and leg. The one on her chest is not that red but her leg it is. Could it be fungus cause she keeps biting her skin. Not exactly there but other parts

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hello Andy.  I can not say for sure but your dog may have allergies.  I have a small dog, a Jack Russell, who suffers from allergies throughout the year.  When the symptoms appear I treat the itching by using Benadryl twice a day at 1 mg per pound.  You can buy them in 25 mg size or in liquid bottle form.  Since the Benedryl is only treating the itch and not the underlying problem, I always call my vet as soon as I can to schedule an appointment or consultation.  Try to keep her from licking and biting her skin… Read more »

Anna K
5 years ago

Seems like tinea corporis to me. I would rub the dog with an antihistamine and antifungal ointment and go on a grain free diet (you can try barf) for a couple of weeks. You can rub him with a mix of olive oil + coconut oil + eucalyptus oil, all of them have antifungal and antihistamine properties. I would supplement his diet with flaxseed oil and olive oil (anti fungal, rich in omega 3 acids, anti inflamatory). Good luck.